Christian Home Education for 10 year olds

Contents of Volume 8

Diary for Year 11

This diary explains how I personally used the materials on the flash drive with a child aged 10.


Ten Minutes A Day Sets 3 and 4 (90+ A4 pages)

Daily grammar and punctuation "warm-up" exercises (Sets 1 and 2 are on earlier volumes of the Mothers' Companion flashdrive.) 


English Composition and Comprehension (10 exercises)

set of exercises designed to stimulate the imagination and interest.


Plays from The Children's Shakespeare

by Arthur Mee
Hamlet, Henry V, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, and The Merchant Of Venice
Arthur Mee made a very good job of editing Shakespeare so that the plays were not only slightly shorter but also free from passages that are unsuitable on moral grounds.


Effective English Book 4

A complete and very thorough text book. We did not use all of the exercises but dipped into them as needed.


The Old Fashioned Rules of Punctuation (11 A4 pages)

by Dodi Beardshaw
An excellent quick revision of all the basic punctuation rules with handy exercises.

home education science curriculum
I am looking forward to using the Ten minutes a Day exercises.
Little and often will be good for... our oldest... I thank God for the wonderful material...
— Dr Heidi Bate, Home Educator

The Life of Raleigh

by John Buchan
An outstanding example of a fictionalised biography. Exceptionally well researched and a fast-paced adventure.


Take Two! (32 board games for two players)

by Frank Tapson
Great fun. Will also get you thinking about some mathematical concepts.
(The Maths you need this year will be found on earlier volumes of the Mothers' Companion flashdrive.)  


Exercises on Hymns

A selection of twelve hymns (score and audio) with background information and music theory work sheets.


Latin Without Tears Part 4

by Favell Lee Mortimer  
Everything you need to carry on with Latin with your children.


Art and Craft Includes How To Draw Trains (64 A4 pages)

Also: construct a "lift-the-flap" Butterfly, decorate your room with flags of all nations, make your own decorated ballad book, and other craft projects.


Music Course Part 5 (25A4 pages plus audio files)

Covers Grieg and Elizabethan Music.


Tour of the Bible (Part 1 The Old Testament) 

Goes through the Old Testament at the rate of roughly a book per week. For each
week there is an A4 page which gives the selected daily reading (usually one chapter) and a
relevant hymn to learn. The idea is to get an overview of the Bible by reading key chapters of each book, memorizing key verses and learning related hymns. 


What Happened Today (538 A5 pages)

A three volume resource giving facts and points of interest for every day of the year with follow up activities. Almost a complete year's curriculum on its own. You can work right through these books or just dip into them for special occasions such as birthdays.


Wall Planner for the Year (9 A4 pages plus key)

A nine sheet chart, to decorate with your own designs and put on the wall. Perfect for use with What Happened Today - or on its own. 


Handwriting (50 A4 pages)

Thicks and thins introduced. Includes a set of masters that go with the Tour of the Bible.