Christian Home Education for 9 year olds

Contents of Volume 7

Diary for Year 10

Explains how I personally used the materials on the flash drive with a child aged 9.


Parables (22 Pictures)

An unusual series of detailed picture engravings suitable for colouring and with accompanying text.


Country Reader (12 chapters)

Senior Country Reader is a reading book for “the elder children of our village schools” to encourage them to be useful on their parents’ farms or small holdings. It contains a wealth of information expressed in a quaint and interesting way.


Comprehension and Composition (6 exercises)


Effective English Book 3

A complete and very thorough text book. We did not use all of the exercises but dipped into them as needed.



13 poems with exercises.

christian Curriculum home education
So much of value... thank you for making it available so helpfully to others...
— Rebecca Clarke, Home Educator

Ten Minutes A Day (over 100 A4 pages)

Quick exercises in grammar, punctuation and use of capital letters


Canterbury Tales for Children  (21 tales plus introduction, prologue and author's farewell. Also includes detailed study guide and cut out figures to construct your own scene.)

An excellent children’s version of the Canterbury Tales that purges the tales of their “rude and rough” elements making them enjoyable for all – not just children. If you want to make a model of the pilgrims you can use the cut out stand up figures provided.


English Literature (85 solid chapters. with study guide to selected chapters.)

by H. E. Marshall
An encyclopaedic survey of English Literature by the author of Our Island Story. Excellent for reading aloud. Will inspire you to follow up the reading sessions by seeking out literature by the authors she describes. 


Handwriting sheets (68 A4 pages)

Shows how to begin to slope your handwriting consistently. Sheets about: space, “The Christian’s Alphabet,” stanzas from Tennyson’s poem “The Brook,” British Trees, British place names and other topics.


Exercises on Hymns

A selection of five hymns (score and audio) with exercises on the words for English language work and on the tunes for music theory work. Includes audio files.


Latin Without Tears Part 3

A selection of nine hymns (score and audio) with exercises on the words for English language work and on the tunes for music theory work. Includes audio files.


Art and Craft (32 A4 pages)


Family Adventure with full study guide (3 detailed chapters plus well researched study guide)

by W. T. Stunt
An exciting true story with plenty of geography, history and Bible lessons along the way.


Geography (12 A4 pages)

Additional geography material to supplement Family Adventure.
NB:- Volume 7a is a stunning missionary video shot in the Arctic Circle. These materials go with the video.


Music Course Part 4 (six worksheets plus scores and audio files)

The fourth part of a music appreciation course for small children. It covers Schumann, Brahms and Dvorak and also the piano, the orchestra and chamber music.


Historical Fiction (4 short stories)

Four historical fiction stories from old anthologies for children to read themselves, and a true story about the Plague Village, Eyam, in Derbyshire which is more suitable for reading aloud.

missionary film

Volume 7a: Missionary Film

Reaching the Nenets people in the North of Russia with the Gospel

This stunning film shot in the arctic circle  forms the basis for a geography study on volume 7of the Mothers' Companion.