Christian Home Education for 8 year olds

Contents of Volume 6

Diary for Year 9

Explains how I personally used the materials on the flash drive with a child aged 8.


More About Jesus (64 short chapters)

by Mrs Favell Lee Mortimer
A most unusual book. A little harmony of the gospels in which each incident in the life of Christ is told in the present tense and in simple language as if the reader is looking at the scene. Details are added to the picture from the author’s understanding of customs of the times and the geography of the Bible lands. Usually the actual words spoken are not given so the whole effect is almost like a puzzle. The key to the puzzle is to read the scripture passages which relate the events and which are listed at the end of each little chapter. Although this is such a simple idea I have never read anything else quite like it and it certainly makes a very effective daily Bible study for children.


Tabernacle Talks With Little People (21 short chapters)

Gets children searching their Bibles and gives gospel application to the story of the building of the tabernacle. It includes excellent line drawings for colouring


Panorama of the Tabernacle (12 coloured plates)

by Frank H. White
The coloured plates mentioned in Tabernacle Talks.  Adds to your enjoyment of the book.


Comprehension (5 A4 sheets)

More detailed than the one on the Mothers’ Companion Volume 1 which only listed the books in order as an aid to learning them. The song on this CD gives a tiny outline of the contents of each book in order.


Composition and other exercises (10 A4 sheets)

christian Curriculum home education
... absolutely super to use with my daughter.
— Pamela J Jefferson, Home Educator

Poetry (6 A4 sheets)

Poems and exercises


Grammar and proof-reading (30 A4 pages)


Effective English Book 2

A complete and very thorough text book. 


Spelling Pests! (53 A4 pages)

A simple idea to help you with any spellings you always get wrong. Developed for children with dyslexia but anyone who finds spelling hard or makes the same spelling mistake over and over again will benefit.


Handwriting (90+ A4 pages)

Wild Flower Handwriting, The Gardeners’ Year, Hymns for Copying Practice, The Names of Christ.


Exercises on Hymns

A selection of nine hymns (score and audio) with exercises on the words for English language work and on the tunes for music theory work. Includes audio files.


Latin Without Tears Part 2 (44 pages plus audio)

The second part of a Latin course by the author of the Peep of Day series. Everything you need to carry on with Latin with your children is here.


Maths Two Grade Arithmetic Book 4 (192 pages)

This is not the maths level you will need for a 8 year old. Book 4 was included here on Volume 6 to enable original purchasers to build up the set. The Diary will help you to decide which level of Two Grade Arithmetic you need.


Art and Craft (13 projects)


The World at Home (13 chapters with exercises)

Part two of a geography project that helps you build up an illustrated wall map of Britain.


The Story of God’s Dealings with our Nation

This is not intended for use with eight-year-olds who will be better served by earlier chapters. The dairies in each volume of the Mothers' Companion flashdrive will tell you which chapters I personally used with my children at any given time: you can refer to this and go at your own pace. Extension materials are also included.


Music Course Part 3 (six worksheets plus scores and audio files)

This is the third part of a music appreciation course for small children. It covers Beethoven and Schubert and also the piano, the orchestra, chamber music, “The Boar's Head Carol” and “Rule Britannia”.


Katie’s Kitchen (40 A4 pages)

Tailored to fit a particular girl there is enough here to be useful to any other girl who is ready to start getting serious in the kitchen!


Switzerland (Fourteen ready to use lessons.)

History, geography, maps, music, science experiments... find out about Switzerland! 


Cleanliness (13 A4 pages)

Fives lessons on keeping clean and tidy.


Work Project

An in depth project on all aspects of the world of work by experienced Christian home educator, Mrs. Colette Harding. Colette wrote this material for her own children. You can use it as a full unit study or just dip into a worksheet here and there.


Historical Fiction

Five short adventure stories, good for children to read for themselves or to read aloud.