Christian Home Education for 7 year olds

Contents of Volume 5

Diary for Year 8

Explains how I personally used the materials on the flash drive with a child aged 7.


Kings of Israel and Judah Part 2 (20 short chapters) and The Captivity of Judah (60 short chapters)

by Mrs Favell Lee Mortimer
The first part of Kings of Israel and Judah is in the Mothers’ Companion Volume 4. The Captivity of Judah continues the story and looks forward to the coming of the Messiah.


Bible Colouring and Quiz Sheets (5 A4 pages)


The Ten Commandments

Sorting/flash cards to help you memorise.


The Books of the Bible (Words, score and audio)

More detailed than the one on the Mothers’ Companion Volume 1 which only listed the books in order as an aid to learning them. The song on this CD gives a tiny outline of the contents of each book in order.


Robin Hood Plays (12 short plays)

by Elizabeth Fleming
Great fun to read together. Can be used instead of a “reading book” even with just two taking several parts each. A larger family could have even more fun or even do some acting.

christian Curriculum home education
...the boys are enjoying the trains project and enjoyed the poems,
especially Big Steamers – they drew some great steamers and warships...
— Sarah Hughes, Home Educator

Comprehension (6 exercises)


The Fairy Book (selection of 11 tales)

by Mrs. Craik
A "reader" that could also be used for reading aloud. Mrs. Craik retells the old stories faithfully and in a lively way.


Effective English Book 1 (19 short chapters)

A complete and very thorough text book. We did not use all of the exercises but dipped into them as needed.



Sheets introducing basic joined writing and a set of 12 sheets of seasonal foods throughout the year which can be decorated and used as a wall frieze etc.


Exercises on Hymns

A selection of six hymns (score and audio) with exercises on the words for English language work and on the tunes for music theory work.


Latin Without Tears Part 1 (46 pages plus audio)

The first part of a Latin course by the author of the Peep of Day series. Everything you need to start doing Latin with your children is here - even if you know no Latin yourself yet


Two Grade Arithmetic Book 3 (192 pages)

This is not the maths level you will need for a 7 year old. We only finished book 1 this year which is on Volume3 of the Mothers' Companion flashdrive and started book 2 which is on Volume 4 at the end of the year. Book 3 was included here on Volume 5 to enable original purchasers to build up the set. Books One and Two are on the Mothers’ Companion volumes 3 and 4 of the flash drive.


The Sea Beggar’s Son (32 page book plus 14 worksheets and answer sheets)

Beautifully illustrated book with a complete accompanying project including, art, music, history, and other topics.


Trains Project (16 chapters plus 11 A4 worksheets and 12 A4 handwriting sheets.)

Most boys (and not a few girls) love steam engines and it can help a reluctant writer if the material is something they are passionate about. If you need to motivate a youngster with an interest in trains this material could help. An ideal way to use it would be to link it to a very special treat – a ride on a preserved steam railway.


Art and Craft (6 projects)


The World at Home (18 chapters with exercises, a song and 4 handwriting sheets)

Part one of a geography project that helps you build up an illustrated wall map of Britain.


The Story of God’s Dealings with our Nation (Chapters 16 to 20)

This is not intended for use with six-year-olds who will be better served by earlier chapters. The dairies in each volume of the Mothers' Companion flashdrive will tell you which chapters I personally used with my children at any given time: you can refer to this and go at your own pace. Extension materials (songs and poems) are also included.


Music Course Part 2 (four worksheets and audio files)

This is the second part of a music appreciation course. It covers Mozart and Haydn and also the French horn and the violin family.