christian home education for 6 year olds

Contents of Volume 4

Diary for Year 7

This diary explains how I personally used the materials on the flash drive with a child aged 6.


Lines Left Out (Approx. 180 A4 pages) and Kings of Israel and Judah: Part One (Approx. 180 A4 pages)

by Mrs Favell Lee Mortimer
Follows on from the previous CD. Lines Left Out fills in some gaps in Line Upon Line and the first part of The Kings of Israel and Judah tells the stories of the kings of Israel. Both are excellent material to read to a child sitting on your lap.


Handwriting (6 A4 pages)

A selection of materials to enable you to create your own handwriting exercises.


English (37 Worksheets)

Continuing in sequence from Volume 3 of the Mothers' Companion flashdrive.



The second book of Two Grade Arithmetic. The first book is on Volume 3 of Mothers' Companion flashdrive. We did not start using it this year but continued with book 1. Further volumes of Two Grade Arithmetic are found in volumes 5, and 6 of The Mothers’ Companion. Some sheets for learning multiplication tables are included which continue on from those on Volume 3 of Mothers' Companion flashdrive. There are also eight supplementary exercises to Two Grade Arithmetic book 2.



...on butterflies, castles, the sea and ships, with an activity sheet on the Tower of Babel. Ideal for groups of children as well as a single child.

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...I find the English, grammar and punctuation lessons very useful, being just what I was seeking, all in one place and easy to print three copies for my younger three children rather than having to buy three workbooks. It is useful to have short daily grammar practice that is not American-style, but focuses on what children need to know in order to use written and spoken English well.
— Shirley Oliver, Home Educator

Stories from the History of Rome 

Fifteen stories simply and ably told from Livy and Plutarch by Mrs Beesley originally for her own little boys ages between 4 and 6. 


Art and Craft

13 art and craft projects requiring no sophisticated materials.


The Farm

48 chapters each with a stunning coloured picture. A charming little book.


The Story of God’s Dealings with our Nation Chapters 11 to 15

This is not intended for use with six-year-olds who will be better served by the first chapters which are on Volume 2. The dairies in each volume of the Mothers' Companion flashdrive will tell you which chapters I personally used with my children at any given time: you can refer to this and go at your own pace. Extension materials (songs and poems) are also included.


Music (12 A4 pages plus audio)

The first part of a music appreciation course for small children. It covers Bach and Handel and also the organ, trumpet, human voice and harpsichord.


Nature Colouring Book (12 A4 pages)

Colouring pictures for each month of the year that can be used in a variety of ways.


Pilgrim's Progress Project (44 lessons, printable poster outline and key, cut out figures, full instructions and work sheets for each lesson.)

A year’s art/craft project with songs to sing and worksheets to do. Designed to help you as you read through John Bunyan’s classic book. Suitable for use with a group of children of mixed ages.  The beautiful wall poster of the whole story which you will piece together in your own way as you go through the story will be a “joy for ever.”


As You Like It (50 A4 pages)

An edition of Lamb’s version of As You Like It which incorporates sections of Shakespeare’s original. The illustrations are exquisite and are good for colouring as you listen. Simple worksheets are included as is the music for Arne’s song “Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind”.

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Comprehension From Aesop (14 A4 pages)

Fables adapted from a tiny Victorian book: Aesop’s Fables Christianised.



13 poems with comprehension exercises.


Susie's babies

A story about a mother hamster and the birth of her young that will help parents explain with reverence and frankness how children are born.


Bible Reading (7 A4 pages)

A set of lessons which show a young child how to begin to use the aids to study provided in his Bible.