christian home education 5 year old

Contents of Volume 3

Diary for Year 6

This diary explains how I personally used the materials on the flash drive with a child aged 5.


Precept Upon Precept (250+ A4 pages) and Apostles Preaching (100+ A4 pages)

by Mrs Favell Lee Mortimer
Excellent read aloud material. Precept Upon Precept is a life of Christ full of gospel teaching and application; and Apostles’ Preaching continues the story of the early church and takes it on to the end of the Book of Revelation. Told with the utmost simplicity with valuable gospel lessons


Handwriting (32 A4 pages)

Includes the A was an Archer rhyme from Volume 1 set out on specially lined copying pages. There are also blank sheets with writing guide lines and in-set illustrations which include a sheet for each month of the year with a the name of the month (suitably decorated for colouring in) the centre. Plenty of scope for handwriting practice here which you can target to reflect your own activities and needs.



Fifteen illustrated worksheets covering phonics topics and beginning grammar, and a blank diary.


Maths (190+ A5 pages)

The first book of Two Grade Arithmetic, an easy to use, tried and tested, British maths course that will take you well beyond this year’s needs. We did not start using it this year but continued with Mousematics. Further volumes of Two Grade Arithmetic are found in volumes 4, 5, and 6 of The Mothers’ Companion. This section also includes a reproducible maths exercise book. Some sheets for beginning to learn multiplication tables are included.


Science Projects (60+ A4 pages)

A project about sheep, a simple wind project, a water cycle project, a wildlife notebook and outline suggestions for project work on the seasons. These suggestions, ideas and materials will provide stimulating science work this year.

home education science curriculum
...very helpful and I think it contains great resources for our home ed.
— Mrs Bishop, Home Educator

Art and Craft

13 projects.


First Reader (90+ A4 pages)

A reproduction of a classic reading book c.1890.  Very enjoyable to read.


The Story of God’s Dealings with our Nation Chapters 6 – 10 (64+ A4 pages plus audio files)

Not intended for use with five-year-olds who will be better served by listening to you re-read Little Arthur’s England from the Mothers’ Companion vol.1. A few of the 25 chapters were originally included on each CD from Volume 2 onwards as a way of making them available. The dairies in each volume of the Mothers' Companion flashdrive will tell you which chapters I personally used with my children at any given time: you can refer to this and go at your own pace. Extension materials (songs and poems) are also included.


The Little Country Readers (120 A5 pages)

by Lavinia Derwent
Eleven little reading books. Delightful for a beginning reader. Every young child will enjoy the adventures of Red the Cock, Pug the Pig, Dill the Duck and their friends.