Christian home education for young children

Contents of Volume 2

Diary for year 5 

Explains how I personally used the materials on the flash drive with a child aged 4.


Line Upon Line Volume 1 (130+ A4 pages) and Volume 2 (125+ A4 pages)

by Mrs Favell Lee Mortimer
More simple Bible lessons. Just the right amount of information and the most useful lessons for a small child. 


Supplementary Pictures

Over 30 pictures for colouring illustrating Bible stories.



Words, printed music and sound are included, so that you can play the songs on the piano yourself if you are able, or if not listen to the tunes from the computer until you have got the hang of them.


Story of God’s Dealings with our Nation Introduction and Chapters 1- 5 (includes worksheets) (48 A4 pages)

Tried and tested ‘History Notes’ with illustrations. These chapters are not intended for 4-year-olds who will still be happy with Little Arthur's England on volume 1, but a few of the 25 chapters were included on each of the original CDs from Volume 2 onwards as a way of making them available. The dairies in each volume will tell you which chapters I personally used with my children at any given time and you can refer to this and go at your own pace.


The Earth is the Lord's (119 A 4 pages plus music and audio)

This totally unique project was written by a number of Christian home-educating mothers for use at the Friday meetings of Christian Education for Deeside in the 1990s. The ages of the children ranged from about three to eleven so this material is very flexible and can be used with children of almost any age. Each continent is approached in a different way reflecting the character of the mother who researched it and led the original sessions, but common elements are missionary information, singing, cooking and quiz-style worksheets.

The songs that we sang for each continent are included here for you to sing and a vital part is the recipe section included for each continent. A set of writing masters provides writing practice linked with each unit for very young children. Also included are materials from a project Homes Around the World written by pioneering British Christian home-educating families in the 1980s.

christian Curriculum home education
Thank you very much... I have been very excited by the things I have looked at already
and just know we are going to have fun doing new things together.
— Ryan and Zoë Hubbard

Handwriting (4 A4 pages)

Master sheets that can be used to begin to learn how to form the letters.


Little Elsie's Book of Bible Animals (53 A4 pages)

A Victorian gem for small children. Common Bible animals are described, gospel lessons draw out and interesting anecdotes related. Written just as if the real Little Elsie were listening to her ‘Mama’ telling her a bed time story. 


Junior Maths Dictionary (128 A4 pages)

The key to maths teaching for mothers whose own maths (like mine) is weak or rusty. Everything you need to know for maths up to age 11 is here and explained very simply indeed. I used this book together with Two Grade Arithmetic (which is to be found in volumes 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the flashdrive. Together these resources covered almost all our maths needs. Every time I had to teach a new topic to the children I simply looked it up in this dictionary and made sure I understood it correctly.


Rhymes with Reasons (48 A5 pages)

A delightful book designed to help children speak well. You do not have to be a speech expert to understand the instructions. All the rhymes have a gentle whimsical humour as well as giving concentrated practice on the sound in question.


How to Draw Animals 

A really enjoyable way to draw animals by drawing round your hand and adding some more lines to complete the picture. Good to use with The Earth is the Lord’s Project.