Christian Home Education for 0-4 year olds

Contents of Volume 1

This volume contains two diaries, The Diary for Years 0 to 3 and The Diary for Year 4.

Here you can see how I personally used the materials on the Mothers' Companion flashdrive with a child aged from birth to third birthday and from third to fourth birthday. Detailed instructions on using all the materials listed below are found in the diaries.


Peep of Day (50+ A4 pages) and Streaks of Light (130+ A4 pages)

by Mrs Favell Lee Mortimer
These books were immensely popular in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries all over the English speaking world. The author’s plan was to present the contents of the Bible so simply that a child of four years old or younger could understand the need of a Saviour from sin. Remarkable for an exceptional simplicity of language, these books express profound and vital truths without in any way diluting or distorting them. The best thing you can ever give your child - although it will not be fashionable reading. I have used it with profit with all my children and have found that it does my own soul good too.  


Baby's Opera (50 A5 pages) and Baby's Bouquet (34 A5 pages) presented as double page openings on A4 pages.

Simply exquisite!  If you don't know the tunes and can't play them, or pick them out with one finger, make up a tune as you go along – anything will do – after all its probably how many of the tunes began in the first place!


Little Arthur's England

by Lady Maria Callcott (1785 – 1842) 
Suitable for very young children. Not a school text book but designed for mothers to read to their children before they went to school, in the days when early education (at least among the upper classes) was generally carried out at home. Ideal for reading aloud and especially valuable because the author constantly evaluates the actions of the people she is talking about and makes judgements as to whether they were good actions or bad, beneficial to the country or not etc.


Speech Fun and Speech Fun audio (11 A4 pages plus 9 audio files)

For children of two years old and over, especially if you are concerned about their speech in any way. The music is 'corney' but small children seem to enjoy the stories and the method produces good results.


Etiquette (52 A4 pages)

by Helene Hoke
A handy and palatable way of learning “what to do when” in a variety of situations. Good follow on from some of the material in Speech Fun – a great excuse for getting out the dressing up box.

christian Curriculum home education
“There’s some fantastic material here... Just wish I’d ordered before now – our eldest...
has a speech delay and I’m already using some of the rhymes to help him.”
— Joanne Arrowsmith, Home Educator

The House that Jack Built (7 A4 pages)

A favourite cumulative tale. Comes with pictures for colouring. 


How to Treat Books  (4 A4 pages)

by Stuart Miall


A was an Archer (3 A4 pages)

Traditional rhyme. The figures peeping round or standing by their respective letters are a source of great amusement.


A was an Archer (new version) (9 A4 pages)

by Stuart Miall
A whimsical parody of A was an Archer.


Vowels Set to Music (1 A4 page plus audio file)

This little song helps you learn the long and short vowels and the order in which they come in the alphabet.


The Nine Parts of Speech (1 A4 page plus audio file)

Another essential item of memorisation set to music. First step in learning grammar.


The Books of the Bible Song (4 A4 pages plus audio files)

There is no short cut to finding your way around the Bible: you do have to be able to say the names of the books in order.


Tidy Chart (1 A4 page)

A handy A4 chart to put on your wall or notice board and tick off when you put your toys away at the end of the day.