Isn't it too Old Fashioned?

Isn't it too old fashioned?

Apart from a few items most of the material on the Mothers' Companion flashdrive is very old. If you want flashy moving pictures, cartoons and the latest methods this curriculum is not for you.

I honestly think the old material has a structure and a style that works best. Children, in themselves, do not change. They are brought into the world the same fallen creatures, yet made in the image of God, as they have always been. If you take care to protect their environment from the wrong kinds of stimulation while providing the right kind of discipline they will be able to concentrate as well as children down the ages. 
I'm not saying we have learnt nothing new about how children learn, of course. But at the same time we have to be aware that modern educational theories are based on the idea that there is no such thing as original sin and that children are basically good and need only the right environment to behave well.

The material on the Mothers' Companion is put together to support the contrasting approach based on the idea that children are sinful human beings like the rest of us and that they will not automatically do what is good for them – whatever environment they are given. Of course we should make their education as enjoyable as possible and present them with interesting and pleasant materials wherever we can. But, there will be times when they do not want to do what they need to do and you as a parent will have to insist that they do.