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Christian Home Education Curriculum

You can buy the flashdrive here. Cost is £20 which includes UK postage. Overseas customers should contact me for postage rate and information about copyright restrictions. If you accidentally delete or damage the flashdrive at any time you can send it back to me to be re-loaded.

I do not make any profit from selling the flashdrives nor do I charge for my labour costs. I love these books and I just want as many people as possible to be able to use and enjoy them too.

The Mothers' Companion Flashdrive
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Ebooks and Paperbacks

A collection of ebooks and paperbacks by Chris Eastwood. Profits go to supporting the Mothers' Companion.

Ebook: Trasna na Dtonnta or A Tale of Three Cities

A book for anyone who enjoys a story with twists and turns. Young Samuel's quest for his own identity leads him across Europe in a time of religious and political turmoil. Who will he trust to guide him? Enigmatic and cynical Paul Sarpi, naïve Mr Bedell, careful Dr. Diodati or the terrifying preacher Glendinning? How will he escape the blood thirsty revolution that engulfs his home? Soak up a host of true details and real historical characters in this meticulously researched account of how Christians lived in the generation after the reformation. Ideal for reading aloud or for older children to read themselves.

Available in EBUP, MOBI and PDF formats.

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Now also available in a paperback format.


The Story of God's Dealing With our Nation volumes 1 and 2

History Lessons for Children from a Christian Perspective

Click here to be redirected to Ichthus Resources who publish the books. Select "history" in the drop down box and scroll down to find the books in the catalogue.