Latin for IGCSE through the Mothers' Companion

I am in the process of developing a website, Classics for Christians, which I hope will provide a three year course leading to Cambridge International GCSE in Latin. It will be suitable for complete beginners but also, if you have already done some Latin through using  the Mothers' Companion,  the first year will make a good refresher course as well as adding some knowledge about Classical philosophy. The course  will use Latin Without Tears by Favell Lee Mortimer which is on the  Mothers' Companion flashdrive and also the Greek Legends on Volume 3  of Mothers' Companion flashdrive and Stories from the History of Rome on Volume 4. The Classical Thought component will carry on from the Introductory Philosophy Sheet on Volume 9. I hope to upload all the lessons needed for the set works and translation papers to form a second and third year of the course. I'm looking forward to this follow up for older children to the Mothers' Companion flashdrive and I'll keep you posted on how it's going.