The biography of Favell Lee Mortimer is now out!

Click here for an extra special offer too!

I am hoping to be able to bring some copies with me to the Tooting event on Saturday and they will be available at the offer price.

Mrs Mortimer is such a fascinating character. Thanks to some excellent research now going on in the USA we now know that in Britain alone from the publisher Hatchard's alone The Peep of Day sold at least two million copies! That does not count the huge sales in the USA or editions pirated by other publishers not to mention the versions translated into 37 languages (Urdu, Yoruba, Cree, Matabele, Gujerati and Rarotongan...) that missionaries found so useful. So read all about the home educated pioneer of Bible teaching for the very young. I hope you will enjoy finding out about her as much as I did!