New Loan Boxes

I have added two new boxes of books to the loan boxes. They are a box of children's annuals (box 15) and a box of girls' school stories (box 16). I'm hoping to add a boys' school story box soon. Both boxes provide plenty of what we used to call “through put” reading matter for children who can't get enough to read. Wholesome plots and a good vocabulary are the chief features of the school stories and I never worried about the “school” aspect. My daughter soon realised that the stories depicted a life that was totally unlike any real school! The annuals include a batch of (very) old Daily Mail Annuals. These have stories, a few factual articles and interesting pictures. The Look and Learn annuals also in the box are more factual and colourful but again provide plenty to read. I am hoping to be at the Curriculum Fair in Tooting on Saturday 3rd March. Details from If you are in the area and want to borrow either box let me know before hand and I'll bring it along – or any of the other available boxes, of course.