The Mothers' Companion Flash Drive is a complete Christian home education Curriculum for ages 0 to 12 years.


It is not just a list of resources but a vast collection of books and worksheets in PDF format for you to print and use.

There are hundreds and hundreds of pages of traditional English, maths, history, geography, art, music, Latin, speech, handwriting, Bible lessons, projects and much more with audio files to support music and language learning.

The contents are sorted into volumes of approximately a year's work so you can quickly find your child's level in any subject. The flash drive works on Windows and Apple computers. There are enough textbooks and worksheets to keep you going day after day at your own child's pace.


Guide to the Flashdrive

A detailed guide to all the nine volumes of resources in the Mothers' Companion flashdrive. Includes sample pages.

Loan Boxes

We have a house full of old books. We love to share them. Borrow a box of real books!

“Most helpful...wonderful work...I find the diary especially useful...
It is so helpful to know that we are on the right track, and the ideas and resources are excellent.”
— Rachel Risbridger, Home Educator